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         A research archive for church history and genealogy.

The Brethren Heritage Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving historical and current information concerning the various Brethren bodies which have a rich heritage dating to 1708 in Schwarzenau, Germany.  Southwestern Ohio  was chosen for the location of the center due to the large number of Brethren living in the Miami Valley Region. The Brethren bodies involved with the Brethren Heritage Center are: Church of the Brethren, Conservative Grace Brethren International, Dunkard Brethren, Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches, German Baptist Brethren, Old Brethren, Old Brethren German Baptist, Old German Baptist Brethren, Old German Baptist Brethren-New Conference, Old Order German Baptist, The Brethren Church.




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                            POSITION AVAILABLE
The Brethren Heritage Center in Brookville Ohio has enjoyed Godís rich blessings as it has been growing in its mission of serving during its first 14 years. It has now reached a level of maturity in which it is ready to employ a full time Executive Director.  See Job Description and brief introduction to the Brethren Heritage Center below:


                                JOB DESCRIPTION


Executive Director

Position Purpose
Manage all aspects of the Center, including: strategic planning, policies and procedures, outreach, fundraising, donor relations, supervision of staff, students, and volunteers. Guide collection development, acquisition, preservation and reference activities. Manage endowments and special funds. Pro
mote the archives regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Position Duties
1. Work with the board to establish policies and procedures, direct stra
tegic planning. Collaborate with the board to achieve advancement goals and objectives.
2. Manage the Centerís operations. Prepare reports, and promote aware
ness and use of collections. Develop and implement outreach programs and instructional sessions for volunteers, members of the various Brethren groups, and the community at large. Supervise and direct the work of volunteers and other staff. Guides the work of the Center in developing technological improvements to increase access to collections through digitization, web presence, and archival management systems.
3. Develop and maintain contact with existing and potential monetary donors. De
velop specific projects for outside funding. Prepare grant proposals, identify potential donors and funding sources. Develop outreach activities and programs to attract donors and funding.
4. Identify, cultivate, and accession new collections. Maintain contact with collec
tion donors through visits, correspondence, special projects and events. Manage departmental activities to improve collection preservation through upgrades to facilities, equipment, technology, policies and procedures.
5. Represent the Center at meetings of various Brethren-related organizations (colleges and churches); local, state, regional, and national organization (state and local history, archives and public records, public history), as well as at vari
ous community events.


                                                                                                                 Brethren Heritage Center
The Brethren Heritage Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the heritage of the various religious groups who trace their heritage to the group of seven persons baptized in the Eder River in Germany in 1708. This is how the Center expressed its mission when it applied for 501(c)(3) tax exemption from taxes in 2002:

The purpose of the Brethren Heritage Center is to collect, preserve and provide access to primary and secondary sources of the various persons and institutions tracing their heritage to the baptism near Schwarzenau Germany in 1708: Brethren Church (Ashland Group), Church of the Brethren, Conservative Grace Brethren International, Dunkard Brethren, Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches, Old Brethren, Old German Baptist Brethren and Old Order German Baptist Church. The Center will encourage and promote the use of these materials for research, both genealogical and general, for learning, and for teaching.

A number of other organizations collect materials and preserve Brethren heritage. The Center is the only one that is operated by a board made up of of the various groups and focuses on research and teaching. Some collections are maintained by the colleges and universities operated by the various groups. Since receiving its exemption in 2002, the Center has occupied space in Brookville, Ohio. It now occupies about half an acre with more than a mile of shelving and over 50 four-drawer file cabinets. The volunteer staff uses 20 computer work stations. The library contains over 20,000 volumes. The collection contains nearly 800 objects including 24 quilts and thousands of photographs.

The Center recently lent a letter from its collection to Smithsonian Institution. The letter was from a conscientious objection from World War I and sent from a military prison where the sender was imprisoned because of his refusal to bear arms. The letter was lent to the Smithsonian National Postal Museum for its exhibit My Fellow Soldiers: Letters from World War I, starting in early April and concluding after Thanksgiving.

Since its inception, the Center has functioned with significant board involvement in operations. Two board members have served as the co-directors, one focusing primarily on management matters and the other on curatorial ones. However, the board has not operated the Center alone. Volunteers operate the Center three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. The Center did employ an intern from the Wright State University Public History Graduate Program (archives and museum studies) early in its work. However, the Center is currently operated solely by a team of approximately 25 dedicated volunteers. Tasks of operating the Center include: greeting and assisting visitors with their research, leading guided tours, accepting and issuing receipts for donations, accessioning, sorting, preserving in acid-free environment, cataloging in computer database plus all of the business functions which include running a new and used bookstore and paying all of the bills.
The board has identified both the need for professional managerial and curatorial staffing. Hiring staff represents a significant transition in the Centerís operation. The board hopes that the hiring of an executive director will result in the funding for a curator position after which the focus can be on moving to its own facility. These positions will enable the Center to continue the growth it has enjoyed for its first 14 years.

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