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Beginning in the late 1970s historian and genealogist Donald R. Bowman of Brookville, Ohio, a member of the Southern Ohio District Historical Committee of the Church of the Brethren, began accumulating many books, historical records and artifacts from the several Churches of the Brethren in the Miami Valley, Ohio. This collection was housed in the old Happy Corner Church of the Brethren and was open by appointment to the public as "Brethren Heritage Center."

By 1999 some Old German Baptist Brethren became concerned about preserving their books and records. One of them, Fred W. Benedict, who had earlier pledged his entire library for preservation, met Larry E. Heisey and Mark Flory Steury, each of whom pledged to supplement a project from their own extensive collections. At the same time the Happy Corner project needed a new home.

In August 2000, Benedict attended a meeting of the Historical Committee and on January 24, 2001, members from several old-order groups, totaling about 30 persons, met in Greenville and agreed to meet with the Historical Committee at Mill Ridge Village in Union, Ohio.

The first joint meeting was March 24, 2001 at Mill Ridge Village. Monthly meetings followed, with eventually 18 to 20 persons meeting regularly in space donated by contractor Ronald J. Filbrun beneath Brookside Plaza in Brookville, Ohio. The Brethren Heritage Center was established in 2002 with 7100 square feet and an additional 6000 square feet added in 2008. A Grand Re-Opening was held on May 2-3, 2009 in the expanded facility. 

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