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Over the past few years, genealogy has become one of the most popular hobbies in the United States. Not only are people wondering about their ancestors, where they lived, what they did, what their life was like, but some are interested in the cause of their death. Doctors are asking patients for their family's history.

We plan to list the family history books presently on the shelves and then continue to give you the names of new books when they are donated. If you have a family history not listed here, we would be happy to receive a copy for our shelves. Those of you who have done research know you will also be interested in the history books on the shelves which might include: census, births, deaths, maps, marriages, cemeteries, obituaries, funeral home records, etc. We would also be happy to receive any books of this type you might have that you do not plan to use again personally. We will try to list these books as we go along, too.

For those who cannot make the trip to the Heritage Center, we would be glad to answer your questions.  It would be better if you only requested one or two bits of information at a time.  Also please send a stamped, self-addressed, long (#10) envelope or larger with your query. Remember the Heritage Center is working on a donation basis and cannot pay for postage for answering queries. 

Fee Schedule

Genealogical Research

Per Hour $25.00
Minimum 1/2 hour $12.50

Maximum two hours per request. Please do not send payment with request.

We bill on completion of the project. "Friends" of the Center receive one hour free research per year.



Copies from paper copies which does not include photo paper are 10 (10 cents) each.  Large quantity copies are not available. At the discretion of the staff, photocopying of certain items may be denied due to the fragile condition of the original materials or copyright laws.  Obituaries have been published in Brethren periodicals beginning in 1851 with the Gospel Visitor.  All of the obituaries in this periodical and the subsequent Gospel Messenger and The Vindicator have been indexed.

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